About Me

I am a self-taught guy who is most interested in offensive side of malware, applied cryptography, and low level stuffs like operating systems, kernels, bootloader, virtualization (and hypervisors), compilers, linkers etc. I mostly program in C++ and C (with bits of assembly as and when needed).

Professionally, I have been freelancer for ~3.5 years, with extensive experience in trainings related to basic exploit writing, reverse engineering, malware analysis, shellcoding and programming. Right now I am working as Senior Technical Architect somewhere.

In meantime, I love attending and speaking in various community meetups and other security events. So far my work has been accepted in various conferences in India and other countries.

Parallel to meetups and professional work, I keep working on side projects in free time. My side projects include toy OS (with kernel, window manager, display manager, filesystem, PS/2 drivers), toy compilers for non-English languages, type-2 hypervisor, and some research work on offensive side of malware.

I can be reached at: me [at] domain.